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"Leadership at its 'BEST' is about developing other strong leaders." Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
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Our Kindle version (Sept. 26th-28th) download campaign was a success. Reached the Amazon Best Seller lists in leadership category: #1 Canada, #2 US, #4 UK for 3 days. Awesome!

Publication launch date was April 18th, 2013. This was actually Bob's birthday and this latest book is his gift to those of you who want to be stronger leaders and engage and equip your teams to grow and win! Strive for significance - lead on purpose! Follow this link to order from Amazon. Follow this link for a Kindle version.

Foreword: 'Legacy of Leadership'

Even if I had 'misspelled' that first word, it would still be right; because this latest book by Bob ' Idea Man' Hooey indeed moves us forward as leaders. Everyone wants to leave a legacy and everyone reading this book wants to become a better leader. Wanting and doing are two very different things. Wanting – the innate desire to acquire something or to be someone – is a concept we all know only too well. “I want to have better job; I want to succeed in my graduate studies; I want to lead more effectively”. We can Want all we Want, but actually Doingah, therein lies the rub! Transforming the want into a do-able action plan can be intimidating, challenging, postponed, or simply relegated to the 'too difficult' list.

Enter the ‘Idea Man’. Even though he is still very much with us (thankfully!), Bob has gifted all of us in his very readable ‘Legacy of Leadership’ with a wonderfully do-able action plan. The focus and relevance of Bob’s ideas are nicely summed up in his preview statements: taking your leadership to the next level and ensuring your leadership makes a difference. This book is not about going from zero to sixty in ten seconds, it’s about incremental change; it’s about striving to be just a little bit better tomorrow than today; it’s about moving forward as a leader over time. Bob challenges us to ensure our leadership makes a difference. Our leadership must make a positive difference in the lives of the men and women whom we lead. Otherwise, we have no business calling ourselves leaders.

Read this book! But don’t just read it, don’t just want to become a better leader. The ‘Idea Man’ offers you ideas and insights and pragmatic guidance which will lead you to your success as a leader. Now all you have to do is just do it!

Chris Ford, DTM, PIP, Brigadier-General (Ret.)
International President 2007- 08 Toastmasters International

Chris Ford, DTM was President (2007-08) of Toastmasters International – Where Leaders Are Made. A dedicated Toastmaster for over 32 years, his theme for his year as president was: “Toastmasters: Shaping Ourselves… Shaping Our World!”

Chris Ford served in the Military Engineering branch of the Canadian Army for 35 years, retiring in 2001 as a brigadier-general. After a few years of ‘semi-self-employment’ Chris returned to the Defence Department in 2006, as the Director General of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Retiring again in 2011, he is now a professional speaker and provides communication, leadership, and conflict management services through his consulting business called, most appropriately, “Generally Speaking”. To engage his professional services, contact Chris at: 613-764-3168 or www.generallyspeaking.ca or chris@generallyspeaking.ca

Chris Ford was also a generous contributor to our 'In the Company of Leaders' e-anthology published in 2008 and updated in 2013.

"Leadership is always expressed in consistent performance & reliability. Leadership is really about influence and the first person to influence is yourself. Only then are you able transfer these skills to others. Bob Hooey has spent a lifetime honing his leadership skills to effectively teach others this vital art." Dr Peter Legge, OBC, CSP, CPAE, Chairman/CEO Canada Wide Media

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Whose fault is it 'really' when a team fails?

Learn and avoid the most common leadership mistakes... You're probably making at least one of them now! Lead on purpose from a position of strength.

  • If you want your team to succeed
  • If you want to be a more effective and influential leader
  • If you want to equip and motivate your employees
  • If you want your leadership to provide 'real' significance

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"Leaders of the high performing companies communicate their vision in their daily actions." James Belasco

  • Are you committed to profitably growing your leadership career, team, or company to the next level in out-thinking, out-marketing, out-performing, and out-serving your competition?
  • Are you committed to long-term growth, profitability and real client engagement and service?
  • Are you committed to doing whatever it takes to provide supportive, solid, encouraging inspirational leadership that makes a difference in the lives of your employees, your company, and your community?
  • Would you like to learn how the top business leaders and authors, sports and community leaders recruit, build, creatively lead, and motivate winning teams?

This innovative new work is jam-packed with solid, innovative leadership ideas you can use to grow your career, company or community teams to the next performance level - to win!

Bob draws on 29 plus years of rich experience in community, corporate and professional association leadership, including working with leaders from Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, in laying out his Ideas At Work!

In his 'Prepare Yourself to Win!' series Bob states, 'You win when your team wins!' Bob shares innovative ideas you can confidently build your leadership career, community, or corporate teams around.

Bob is a leader who walks his talk and shares from his personal experiences, challenges, and successes. He is committed and courageous in seeing leaders and their teams engaged, equipped, and motivated to grow and succeed.

He can be a welcome addition to your leadership team as a coach, mentor, as well as inspirational speaker and trainer. Check out his Leadership Development Programs. Call 1-888-848-8407 for more information.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey is a charismatic, confident leader, inspirational and engaging trainer, facilitator, MC, and speaker on applied leadership, creativity, business innovation and enhancing team performance. Using personal stories drawn from rich experience, he challenges his audiences to engage his Ideas At Work! - to act on what they hear, with clear, innovative building-blocks and field-proven success techniques to increase their effectiveness. Bob challenges them to hone specific 'success skills' critical to their personal and professional advancement.

Bob is the prolific author of 30 plus leadership development, sales, presentation skills, and business and career success publications. His articles have been published across the globe in association, trade, on-line, and corporate publications. His innovative Ideas At Work have been successfully applied by thousands, just like you.

Bob's conversational, often humorous, professional, and sometimes provocative style continues to inspire and challenge his audiences across North America and around the globe. He has been able to visit 39 countries, so far. Perhaps you'll invite him to visit your team.

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Canadian motivational leader, and internationall known inspirational business, Leadership Success Coach and Mentor, Bob 'Idea Man™' Hooey is the prolific author of 30 success publications including Legacy of Leadership, Strive for significance - lead on purpose! This leadership primer will help you hone your leadership skills as well as learn how to more effectively engage and equip your teams to profitably grow and win!

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